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Pseudocode Compiler – Release 1.1.7

by on Apr.06, 2012, under Pseudocode Compiler

Its been a while since I’ve pushed out an update but I’ve recently had a user note a bug with the array implementation. Here is a quick release to address that bug.

  • Fixed array assignment issue (fixed “broken” example code)
  • Updated about box

Download 1.1.7 Setup

Download 1.1.7 Zip


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  • Christian

    Good day Sir!

    Hi I'm Christian Gimeno, student and currently working on my thesis entitled "Creating Pseudocode as Programming Language for Beginners"
    I want to create a simple IDE for my pseudocode language using Java.

    I will be using some keywords such as DISPLAY, PRINT, GET, PROMPT in my programming language.
    I am struggling how to create simple compiler like this
         Pseudocode Compiler and Runtime

    Can u please give me some ideas or tutorial how to create that one using Java?
    It would be a great help for me.

    Thank you very much!



  • Chris Henderson

    Hi Christian,

    My best advice would be to download the source and look through the implementation. I have provided this as Open Source software now at the following address.


    Good luck and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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