Henderson Technical Consulting

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is more than just writing code. The life cycle of a software utility is a dynamic world that requires careful stewardship to arrive with a successful product. From architectural design and coding until unit and acceptance testing a skilled and experienced team is required. The engineers affiliated with Henderson Tech have years of experience managing software projects ranging from rich web based applications to dynamic data driven user interfaces. With a working knowledge of multiple operating systems, hardware platforms, programming languages and database systems this team can tailor its skill set to solve any problem posed by its customers.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

With a licensed Profession Engineer on staff, Henderson Tech is able to meet the needs of customers requiring customized hardware solutions. Combining the software skills at the core of the company and leveraging on existing hardware skill sets has allowed the team to demonstrate low cost, fast prototyping of hardware solutions. The team has experience with embedded web enabled hardware as well as low cost and low power applications requiring USB data connectivity.

Information Technology

With years of experience in the field, Henderson Tech has demonstrated superb skills in working with all fields relating to Information Technology. The team has successfully setup numerous workgroups and domains consisting of hybrid operating system environments. Linux and Windows based server setups are a specialty. The team has experience with point of sale system administration and large data protection and disaster recover systems. Additionally, internet enabled multimedia home theater systems have become a popular request as well. With the vast knowledge base available the team can develop a solution to suit any requirement.

Education and Training

Henderson Tech employs instructors that have taught for Middle Georgia Technical College, Mercer University and Georgia Institute of Technology. The team has experience with both online and traditional instruction formats. Course material has been prepared on courses ranging from programming to server maintenance and several others across the spectrum. The team is able to customize courses to the needs of the customer and design new course material as required. The team specializes in fast and efficient training for inexperienced and non-traditional students. With high energy deliveries and helpful one-on-one contact the team has established a reputation for quality instruction.